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Logo Requirements and Setup Process


1. Email us your logo

Before we can print your company logo and/or contact details onto our Wall Plates, we have the following requirements

  • Logo must be "High Definition" (You cannot simply send us the version of your logo that is used for your website)
  • Logo can be in any format (verctor based format is desirable)

2. Choose your logo position

You must choose whether you would like your logo printed at the top or the bottom of the wall plate.

3. Choose other information

You also need to tell us what other information you would like printed along with your logo. This may be a phone number, website address or email address.

4. Choose your default preference

Some customers have their logo printed every wall plate they order, while others only require it to be printed onto some wall plates they order. When placing your order, we need to know what your default preference is if you mention “With Logo” or “No Logo” on your order.




How long does the setup process take?

Usually 1-2 working days

What happens after we send through our logo?

Once we have received your logo and it is in a suitable format/quality, we’ll print

What if we don’t like the layout of the sample?

No problem, we’re happy to get your feedback and make any necessary changes to the layout to meet your requirements. Once we’ve made the changes, we’ll email through a new revision to your logo for your approval.

What if we need to change the layout and/or contact details later?

No problem, just let us know what changes you require and we’ll send through a new revision for your approval.

What does it cost to setup our logo?

We will set up your logo FREE of charge.

What does it cost to print our logo?

We will print your logo FREE of charge onto any wall plate. If you require large quantities of wall plates then we may include a small fee to include your logo onto these wall plates.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for logo printing?

There is no MOQ. Once your logo is setup in our system you can order 1 wall plate with logo if that is all you require..

Will our logo fit onto a Wall Plate with heaps of connections?

When printing a wall plate with your logo, we usually move the AV Connections around to best fit your logo and/or contact details. We will inform you when ordering if your logo will not fit onto a Wall Plate with a lot of connections.

What is the limit in terms of logo size on a Wall Plate?

There is no real limit in terms of logo size that is printed onto a Wall Plate. Just remember that the bigger your logo, the less room is available for AV Connections.

There is a lot of detail in my logo, can you print it?

Our printers can print very high resolution, but when a logo is shrunk to a very small size, some detail just may not be visible or legible. If this is the case, then we’ll let you know if this is a problem. In any case, we can still email through a printed wall plate sample for your approval. This is where sending us a high definition image does help.

Why do you require a High Definition image when you are printing such a small logo?

We require a high definition logo because of the process that is used to set up the logo for printing. We make quite a few adjustments behind the scenes to get your logo in a format that will look great when printed onto a wall plate.

Can our logo be printed onto Black Wall Plates?

Yes, your logo can be printed onto a Black Wall Plate. We print a white primer underneath your logo in order to show up your logo’s colour vibrantly.

Our logo has Black in it. Can this be printed onto a Black Wall Plate?

We offer 2 choices when it comes to printing black logos onto black wall plates. The first involves simply reversing the black colour to white when printing. The second options involves printing a white outline around parts of your logo. We are happy to email through samples if you would like to see the end result.

Will our logo fade/smudge/scratch off?

No, we use UV ink that is cured onto the wall plate. Our ink is specially designed to be used on plastic surfaces.

We only require our logo to be printed on some orders. Is this a problem?

Not at all. Some customers like to have their logo printed onto every single wall plate they order while others only require their logo to be printed on certain orders. Just let us know when ordering.

Can you print our Customer’s logo onto a Wall Plate?

No problem. Simply send through your customer’s logo and we’ll set it up in our system exactly the same way as any other logo. When ordering simply mention “With Customer X Logo”.

Can you print Switch Mechanisms with custom images/logos?

Yes we can. Send us your requirements and we would be happy to discuss.

Is it better for our logo to be at the top or the bottom of the Wall Plate?

This is entirely your choice. We have a fairly similar split of customers that incorporate their logo at the top of the plate to the bottom of the plate. We have found that once AV leads have been plugged into the plate that a logo is more visible when printed at the top of the wall plate.

How are ki digital AV Wall Plates different from other printed AV Wall Plates on the market?

We have been printing logos onto wall plates since 2010 so we’ve learn a few tricks along the way in order to get your logo looking as good as possible. We can print Full Colour logos onto just about any wall plate. Our lead time on custom wall plates with logos is 1-2 working days (except for large quantities). We can supply up to 100,000 wall plates but understand that some jobs only require 1 wall plate so we are happy to accommodate. We can also print a beautiful vibrant white ink.

Can you print our logo onto our own brand of wall plate?

Usually yes. You will have to send us some samples to test before we can be sure that printing will work.